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Rescue Operation Training


Commercial High
Lead Safety

This 40 hour course is primarily designed for those individuals who work on towers, scaffolding, over head trusses and other areas that do not have built in fall protection. It covers relevant equipment and safe operations. Meets with OSHA Regulation 1910.126

Advanced Cliff

Designed for the experienced rescue worker or students that have completed, or are familiar with, "Vertical" or "over the bank" rescue, this 24 hour course teaches proper procedure and equipment usage for vertical rescue, pick offs, tyrolians and other advanced rescue techniques.

Carbine and Rope
Rock Climbing Gear
Rock Climbing Gear

Trench Rescue

In this 16 hour course you will learn procedures for trench rescue, Cal/Fed OSHA requirements, special equipment operations, learn proper bracing and shoring techniques, and the "collapse phenomenon".


Over the Bank Rescue

This 16 hour course primarily deals with low angle rescue, proper procedure, patient management and equipment usage. The student will be able to set up rigging and rappelling equipment in a proper and efficient manner to facilitate safe and effective rescues.

River Rapids

Swift Water Rescue I

A 30 Hour self and victim(s) rescue course. This course includes first hand knowledge of water dynamics and hydrology, recognizing and overcoming hazards and obstacles, rescues by river boarding and crafts, and technical rope systems. Floods, canals, low head dams, mud slides and first aid as it pertains to water rescues will be covered with introduction on how to use advances in river rescue equipment. Participants must bring a wet or dry suit, climbing or kayaking helmet, whistle, river footwear, gloves and optional fins. Participants will receive a certificate of completion, a detailed skill sheet and a comprehensive course manual. Being in good physical shape and having basic swimming skills are prerequisites. This class is designed for those who might be required to perform rescues around swift water and flood areas.

Swift Water Rescue II

A 30 hour intensive hands-on course. A SWR I course or an equivalent course must be successfully completed before taking SWR II. Participants will increase their skills in all SWR I techniques and be exposed to more difficult water flows. Mock rescues run during the day and one at night. Topics covered include team search organizing and managing, raising, lowering and high line systems, litter management, river searches, recoveries, and flooded structures and vehicle rescues. All participants will be able to utilize the up to date river rescue equipment in actual mock rescue scenarios. Equipment needed is the same as for the SWR I course with the addition of water proof flashlights and fins. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, a detailed skill sheet, and a comprehensive course manual.

Spring Mountain
Mountain climbing

High Angle Rock Rescue I

A 30 hour course that places emphasis on the safety of the rescuer and rescue team while saving victim(s) from natural high angle areas. Participants will progress from basic low angle to high angle lowering and raising systems. Course includes equipment management, rescue knots, natural and artificial anchoring, basic climbing and descending techniques, mechanical advantage systems, and litter rigging. Graduates will receive a detailed skill sheet, Certificate of Completion and a comprehensive course manual.

Advanced High Angle Rock Rescue

This 30 hour course will cover tyroleans, telfers, advanced raising systems, mid-wall pick-offs, litter maneuvering, knot passing, multisystem rescues, and how to use the most recent technology in vertical environments. This course is designed to follow the High Angle Rock Rescue I or equivalent course. Students will need boots, coveralls, or long pants, leather or fire gloves, and a helmet. Graduates will receive a detailed skill sheet, Certificate of Completion and a comprehensive course manual.

Holding Ropes
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