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Course Outline

  • Respiratory Hazards

  • Effects of Low Oxygen on the Body

  • Effects of Gasses and Inhaled Chemicals on the Body

  • Components of the SCBA

  • Advantages of the SCBA Units

  • Limitations of the SCBA Units

  • When is and SCBA Needed

  • Maintenance Requirements

  • Donning Procedures

  • Drills with SCBA Units - Customized to Your Operation

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Buddy Breathing

  • Fit Testing of Masks

Confined Space Operations (8 Hour)
Along with teaching students proper entry into confined spaces on a non-emergency scene setting,
this course covers the laws concerning confined space and development of standard operation procedures.
Students will learn equipment setup, basic medical review, and S.C.B.A. operations as well.

Confined Space Rescue (24 Hour)
Combining classroom instruction with equipment orientation and practice procedures, this course
will provide students w
ith the knowledge needed to perform confined spaces rescue. Along with
performing actual vertical and horizontal rescue and learning the proper packaging in removing patients
from confined spaces this courses topics include:

- Supplied Airline Breathing Apparatus
- Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
- Atmosphere Monitoring
- Communication System
- Lockout / Tagout Procedures
- Formation of Rescue Teams

- Rope Rescue Techniques
- Personal Protective Equipment
- Documentation
- Pre-Entry Considerations



Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
This three hour hands on course covers all aspects of working with the S.C.B.A and provides the opportunity for the participants to work with the units. This course is in compliance with Cal OSHA Title 8 sub section 5144. Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to comfortably use and work safely with SCBA equipment.

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