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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Waste Operations
40 Hour Hazwoper

This course is designated to meet or exceed guidelines established by OSHA. Our course outline, below, shows a sampling of the depth of information provided in this 40 hour course. We use only the latest videos and slides in our courses. Table top exercises and hands-on scenarios combined with oral presentations are led by our experienced HAZMAT Instructors for greater classroom participation.

Hazard Material

  • Transportation

  • Storage

  • Handling

Hazard Awareness

  • Exposure

  • Decontamination Methods

  • Medical Monitoring

Course Outline

Hazwoper - 8 Hour Refresher Course

OSHA mandates that all who receive a 40 hour HAZWOPER certification must receive an 8 hour refresher course annually. This course will meet the requirements set forth by OSHA. The annual refresher course will cover topics such as:

DOT Guide

Opening Containers

Personal Protective Equipment


Decontamination Methods

Incident Command System

Hazardous Communications

California Specialized Training Institute's Outreach Programs

First Response Awareness

In this 24 hour program the student will be trained in a defensive action in order to safely protect life, environment and property.

First Response

In this 24 hour program the student will be trained in a defensive action in order to safely protect life, environment and property.


This 40 hour program will cover all the information in the First Responder curriculum plus it gives the student an in-depth look at how to handle and manage hazardous material incidents.

Hazardous Materials Industry Technicians

This 40 hour program was designed for private industry which deals with specific chemicals.

The student will learn the physical and chemical properties of the products they deal with. They will also learn to take offensive actions in order to mitigate hazardous material releases.

This program also deals with utilizing the proper protective clothing to handle specific incidents.


This 24 hour program was designed for personnel in an effort to properly handle these chemicals.

The student will learn the proper use of the "A", "B" and "C" repair kits to mitigate chlorine and sulfur dioxide releases. They will utilize the incident command system to organize and manage these incidents properly.

Hazardous Materials Training for Chlorine and Sulfur Dioxide Handler

Hazardous Communications

Are you and your employees aware of the chemical hazards in your business?

The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, often referred to as the "employee right to know" law, requires that all employers who have potentially harmful chemicals in the workplace, must train their employees on the safe use and handling of those materials.

The Hazardous Communications Program has been developed to inform and train employees concerning the use and dangers associated with hazardous chemicals. Our program will provide in depth training on the subjects in the course outline listed below. With the knowledge and understanding of hazardous materials, your employees will learn how to work safely and be less likely to experience an accident or exposure, thereby reducing your potential liability problems associated with the handling of hazardous materials. This course is a must for virtually all employers and meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA standards.

Course Outline

Hazardous Communications

  • Background on Regulations

  • Methods of Exposure

  • Safe Handling of Materials

  • Material Safety Data Sheets

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